An American Film Student in London

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Meet Valkyrie Speaker, a CAPA London spring 2017 student who will be chronicling her adventures as an American film student abroad in weekly Monday videos on CAPA World throughout the semester. 


I will be capturing my day-to-day activities while in London, from food to travel to school work! I will be participating in a Film Production program, which will allow me to create high-quality videos on a regular basis. The goal is to build my experience, ability, and portfolio with regards to creating regular content. It is also my way of staying connected with my friends and family back home, who have all been incredibly supportive throughout this process!

I would like for each week to have a theme, focusing mostly on a particular kind of activity such as finding great restaurants, visiting museums, or just taking in the scenic beauty that is England in general.

I will be recording at all times and will splice together the most compelling or important parts of my journey together as a log of my activities. This video series is, above all else, to document my experience as a first-time traveler and student filmmaker in a foreign country!

As each new post goes up, we'll share the links below, so bookmark this page:

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